Hello Everyone! I wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about my life story and what led me here to create a business and meet lots of new fine people like yourself! 

I've always had a passion for business. After graduating high school, while the rest of my friends were enjoying their summer I started business school merely 3 weeks after graduation. I was eager to go to college and get into the work world. My main establishment of employment lasted 18 wonderful years, to whom I owe my success. My greatest achievement was developing a non-existent automated system for the company which I worked many 'off hours' trying my creativity at. Finally, once it was completed I presented my newly-found idea to the Vice President which landed me a new job title, salary, and an office. I was then a Business Development Manager. 

I thrive on thinking up new ideas and trying to find new ways of improving the way things are done. I guess i've always had that mindset of 'there's just gotta be a better way than this'. 

So, I've had my career and then became a mother. A protective one when it came to others caring for my children. Therefore, I decided to take action and put my creative business skills and motherly instinct together and that's how BabySitter Finder was born. 

I not only have my own children, but when I was out of work, i've also had the pleasure of caring for other children, as well. 


I'm extremely talented when it comes to electronics and an investigative nature from previous years of working, so I got that down very well. I guess you can say it is my passion to find a problem and make it a solution. 

My inspiration for this business was Facebook. I always see dozens of moms and nanny groups and it just makes me get this urge in the pit of my stomach that this is done totally not a good way (this is where the mommy in me kicks in). I know we have many professional sites for caregiving but i feel they're just not good enough because it's all done through their criteria matching database. I know i wrote all about this on my homepage, so I'll try to stop, lol. 

When i had figured out a way to automate spreadsheets for my company it felt like the greatest achievement in the world. And 'til this day, my sheets are still being used. No longer does a person have to manually do data entry, but to simply press a button and wow.. today's sales are up-to-date! 

So back to my goal of BF.. I did research and development for about a year, just observing in my facebook mom, nanny, and babysitter groups. Parents post they need a sitter.. they may get a few responses but what do we know about them?! Can they really be trusted? And what about the sitters and nannies? They're just struggling for jobs. So, I am hoping i can try to do something about it. And have you checked out all those Nanny sites?!?!.. sheesh.. $1,900 due to the company just for placement costs?! yeah,.. buh bye! So why not get something going for.. ya know, the average people!! 

If I weren't a mother I'll be 110% honest.. i'd never be able to be passionate about something like this. Every caregivers application I read, I think of them as 'are they good enough to watch my little love bugs'?! I also think when I''m investigating.. I put myself and my personal life into that situation, and that is how i know who is right and who is not for the job. 

So, since i've learned all this.. i want to share  all my learnings with you and help get people off facebook groups and all social media and into a brand new community that could be much more beneficial and  and safe!

Meet the Owner


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